Allen Christie's Body Shop,

P.O. Box 126, 

Barrington,  N.S.  B0W 1E0

902-637-3413; cell, 902-635- 0963

Facebook Page

Anchors Away Family Restaurant Ltd.

30 Lighthouse Road, Lower East Pubnico, N.S. B0W 2A0

Business location: Clyde River


902-648-4016 (CELL)

Abigail Hines

Facebook Page

Anthony’s Food Mart

6738 Highway 3,

Woods Harbour, N.S.

B0W 2E0


George ElJakl
Facebook Page


ARB Scott Masonary Ltd.,

PO. Box 35,

Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0


Wendell Scott

Better Business Bureau Serving  the Atlantic Provinces

1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 303,

Halifax, N.S. B3J 3J8



Website: www.bbb.org/atlantic

Blair’s Computer Service

P.O. Box 556,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0

902-637-1717; Fax, 902-637-1707

Email: bcs@eastlink.ca

Website: www.blairscomputerservice.com 

Facebook Page

Barrington Bargain Centre,

P.O. Box 214,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Email: thestanleys@eastlink.ca

Facebook Page

Barrington Catch Monitoring Centre,

P.O. Box 293,

Barrington Pasage, N.S.

B0W 1G0

902-637-2222; 902-637-2892

Facebook Page

Barrington Place Jewellers

P.O. Box 389,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0

John & Sandra Shaar

Facebook Page

Website: http://barringtonplacejewellers.ca/ 

Barrington Passage Pharmasave,

Box 37,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0

Website: www.pharmasave.com

Facebook Page: 

Bay Side Home,

PO Box 238 Barrington, N.S.



Website:  http://www.baysidehome.ca/       

Facebook Page


Belliveau Veinotte Inc.,

P.O. Box 189, Suite 5188,

Shelburne, N.S.

B0T 1W0

902-875-1051; 902-637-1637

902-875-1052 (fax)

Paul Richardson


Facebook Page

Burnit Stoves Ltd.,

P.O. Box 85,

Barrington N.S. B0W 1E0


Douglas Stoddard

Website: http://burnitstoves.ca

Facebook Page 

B. Reynolds Trucking Ltd.,

Box 3B8,

Port LaTour, N.S.B0W 2T0

902-768-2846; Cell, 902-637-8681

Brian  Reynolds

Richard Reynolds

Cape Sable Historical  Society,

P.O. Box 67,

Barrington, N.S. B0W 1E0


Website: http://www.capesablehistoricalsociety.com

Facebook Page

Capt. Kat's Lobster Shack,

Box 352,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Website: http://captkatslobstershack.weebly.com/

Facebook Page

Chestnut Holler Guest House,

Box 2, Comp 3 Old Post Road,

Barrington, N.S, B0W 1E0

James Symonds

Phone: 902-575-2075;


Email:  info@chestnutholler.com 

Website: www.chestnutholler.com

Facebook Page

Clyde River Cottages & Campground,

PO Box 3, 

Clyde River, N.S.

B0W 1R0

902- 637-3481; cell 902-637-7453
website: www.clyderivercottages.com

Facebook Page

Causeway Interiors,

3430 Highway 3,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0

902-637-2189; 902-637-2789 Website: http://www.causewayinteriors.ca/

Facebook Page

Charles & Robert Blades,

P.O. Box 59,

Clark’s Harbour, N.N.


902-745-2323; 902-745-1754

Gary Blades​

Chris  d’Entremont (JoEllen d’Entremont-Dixon)

P.O. Box 94.

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Website: http://www.chrisdentremont.com/

Facebook Page

Conrad Goreham Fisheries Limited

494 Bear point RD



D.M. Snow Contracting Ltd.,

P.O. Box 66,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0

Phone: 902-637-2410

Fax:  902-637-3143

Email: dmsnow@eastlink.ca

D.C. Huskins & Sons Trucking Ltd.,

PO Box 44,

Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0

Facebook Page

DTC Natural Store,

P.O. BOX 184,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0

637-3370 Website: http://www.dtcnaturalstore.com/index.html

Facebook Page

East Bay Realty,

P.O. Box 159,

Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0

902-637-2553; 902-637-3767

Monica Malone

Website: www.eastbayrealty.ca

Facebook Page

Emery Smith Fisheries Ltd.,

P.O. Box 14,

Shag Harbour, N.S. B0W 3B0

902-723-2115; 902-723-2372

Facebook Page

Enslow’s Maintenance & Cleaning Services,

Box 7, Comp 2,

Barrington N.S. B0W 1E0

902-740-4394 902-637-3460 (FAX)

Richard Enslow

Facebook Page 


Fashion Fix Leisure Services,

Causeway Plaza, 

41 Highway 330, 

Barrington Passage, N.S.,


Facebook Page

Final Touch Hair Design,

P.O. Box 58, Barrington Passage, N.S. B0W 1GO


Gina Lamrock

Facebook Page

Fishermen's Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc.,

North  East Point, 

Cape Sable  Island,  N.S.

902-745-0101;  Cell,  902-320-1351 Website: www.seducedbylobster.com

Facebook Page

Florist In Thyme 

317 North East Point

Cape Sable Island 
902-903-2374 (cell) 902-637-8812

Sasha Huntley

Email: Sashahuntley@gmail.com

Facebook Page

Freedom Canoe & Kayak,

7348 Highway 3,

Woods Harbour, N.S. B0W 2E0

Wayne Malone


Website: www.paddlefreedom.com

Facebook Page

Fownes Law Offices Inc.  

2459 Highway 3, Box 88

Barrington, N.S. B0W 1E0


Website: www.novascotialaw.com

Facebook Page

Gardiner Allen Excavation Ltd.,

Box 256,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Gardiner Allen


G. David Eldridge, Q.C., Barrister and Solicitor,

P.O. Box 157,

Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0



Great Canadian Dollar Store,

P.O. Box 9,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Facebook Page

Harbour Authority of CSI

P.O. Box 121, McGray PO NS B0W2G0


902-745-1355 (fax)

Dick Crowell

Website: www.hacsi.ca

H.M., Huskilson’s Funeral Homes & Crematorium Ltd.,

P.O. Box 298,

Shelburne N.S.

B0T 1W0


Email:  hmhuskilson@nsaliantzinc.ca

Website:  www.huskilson.net

Facebook Page ​

Island Gospel Tabernacle.

PO Box 102,

McGray’s, N.S.


902-768-2630; CELL, 902-637-8332

Email: igtbrad@gmail.com

Website: clampointchurch.com

Facebook Page

James L. Mood Fisheries Ltd.,

Woods Harbour, N.S.


Website: www.moodfisheries.com

Facebook Page


Nova Scotia Community College, Shelburne Campus

1575 Lake John Road,

Shelburne, N.S.

B0T 1W0

902-875-8640; Fax, 902-875-3797

Website: https://www.nscc.ca/explorenscc/campuses/shelburne/

N.R.B.A. Fisheries Ltd.

P.O. Box 43,

Lower Woods Harbour, N.S.

B0W 2E0


MacDonald, Chisholm & Trask Insurance,

Box 100,

Barrington Passage, N.S. B0W 1G0

902-637-2620; 902-637-2180 (fax)

Linda Swain

Website: www.mcti.ca

Facebook Page

Mike Hennigar  General Construction Ltd.,

P.O. Box 452, 

barrington Pasaage,
N.S. B0W 1G0


​Website: http://mikehennigar.ca/

Municipality of the District of Barrington,

P.O. Box 100,

Barrington, N.S B0W 1E0

902-637-2015; fax, 902-637-2075

Email: munbar@eastlink.ca

Website: www.barringtonmunicipality.com

Facebook Page

Murray GM Barrington,

349 Oak Park Road,

Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0


Mike Muise


Website: http://www.murraygmns.ca/

Facebook Page

Ocean Computers

P.O. Box 59,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Barry Blakeney/Charlene Harris Website: www.oceancomputer.ca

Facebook Page

Passage Print + Litho Ltd

box 304,

Barrington Passage, NS

b0w 1g0


Email:  passageprint@eastlink.ca

Website: http://www.passageprint.com/Passage_Print/Welcome.html

Facebook Page

Phil Scott's Fuels,

454 River Road, Exit 30 Highway 103,

Barrington  N.S.


Facebook Page

Pixels Etcetera

90 Smithsville Wharf Road

Baccaro, NS

B0W 1E0


Email- david.james@pixelsetc.com


ProNova Marine Products Ltd.,

6435 Highway 3, PO Box 100,

Lower Woods Harbour, N.S., B0W 2E0

902-723-0265; cell: 902-320-4095  Email: caramatkinson@gmail.com 

Website:  www.pronovamarine.ca

R&H Glass (Speedy Glass/RD Graphics),

P.O. Box 82,

Lower West Pubnico, N.S.

902-762-3299 902-637-8395 (cell)

Richard/Heather d’Entremont
Website: www.speedyglass.ca

RM Greenwood Telecommunications Ltd.,

P.O. Box 98,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Facebook Page 

R&T Excavating Ltd.,

P.O. Box 185,

Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0


Tonya Ryer

Facebook Page

RTL Training Services

2469 Chebogue Rd 

Yarmouth NS

B5A 4H2




Royal Bank

Barrington Passage, NS.

B0W 1G0

Jeanne Shand

Sea Star Seafoods,

Box 220, Clark’s Harbour, N.S.


902-745-2925; 902-745-2129 (fax)

Fenton & Adlai Cunningham Website: http://seastarseafoods.com/

Facebook Page

Shelburne Area Supporting Inclusion

PO Box 59,

Shelburne, N.S.

B0T 1W0

902-875-1083 FAX: 902-875-1056 Email: sasi@supportinginclusion.ca

Website: www.supportinginclusion.ca

Shelburne County Business Development Centre,

P.O. Box 189,

Shelburne, N.S.

B0T 1W0


Dixie Redmond

Simply for Life Barrington

PO Box 527,

Barrington Passage, NS

B0W 1G0


Facebook Page

Smith & Watt Ltd.,

P.O. Box 38,

Barrington Passage, N.S. B0W 1G0


Terri Thomas Website: www.smithandwattchrysler.com

Facebook Page

Southwest Employment Services,

102 Water St., Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 4P4

902-742-5859 Email:rzasitko@swemployment.com

Website: www.swemployment.com

Rhonda Zasitko

Lauren Pace


Sou’West Nova Transit Association,

Box 84, Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0

Email: info@souwestnovatransit.ca

Website: www.souwestnovatransit.ca 

Facebook Page

Sun Life Financial,

342 Main Street, Suite 1

Yarmouth, N.S. B4A 1E6

902-742-7695; 902-742-9301 Email: jim.stockman@sunlife.com

Jim Stockman

Think Smart Training and Consulting,

Lisette Jones

Email: thinksmart.training@gmail.com

Website: www.thinksmart-training.com

Facebook Page

Tracey Devine Photography

555 Forbes Point

Lower East Pubnico, NS

b0w 2a0


Email: devinesnaps@icloud.com

Facebook Page

Vernon d'Eon Fishing Supplies Ltd.,

Head Office: P.O. Box 70, 

Pubnico.N.S. B0W 2MO


Website: www.vernondeon.com

Facebook Page

View Point Reality Services Inc

2261 Hwy 3

Comp 2, Box 3

Barrington, NS

B0W 1E0

Email: bobbi@viewpoint.ca 

Website: www.viewpoint.ca

West Head Takeout,

Boundary Street,

P.O. Box 368,

Clark's Harbour, N.S.

B0W 1P0

Facebook Page

Western Regional Enterprise Network

368 Rue Main

Suite 220 Lovitt Plaza,

Yarmouth N.S.

902-881-3008 Email:  


Website: www.westernren.ca

Facebook Page


Wilson’s Shopping Centre Ltd.

P.O. Box 70,

Barrington Passage, N.S.

B0W 1G0


Gary Thomas

Website: www.wilsonsshoppingcenter.com

Facebook Page

Woods Harbour Transportation,,

RR#1, Barrington, N.S.

B0W 1E0


Email: j.c.black@outlook.com

© 2019 Barrington and Area Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved


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